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Riyaz, an app to learn singing anywhere, anytime

Riyaz, an app to learn singing anywhere, anytime has published an interview to Gopala Koduri in which he talks about Riyaz, a technology developed at the MTG and commercialized by the spin-off MusicMuni Labs


Imatge inicial

AI-powered Riyaz (meaning ‘practice’ in Hindi) is an app that offers over 130 exercises and 200 raga and song lessons across disciplines such as Carnatic, Hindustani, devotional, Bollywood, and even Western music. The app has more than 1 million downloads and 5k paid subscribers. Riyaz is the flagship product of MusicMuni Labs, a spin-off of the MTG focused on building solutions in the space of music education and infotainment.

Riyaz is not only making learning music realistic and feasible, but also easier and convenient for the user’s schedule. It also gives instant and live feedback as the student practises, so that they don’t make such mistakes and learn productively.

The technology behind Riyaz was developed in the frame of ERC funded project CompMusic, in which Gopala Koduri participated. After the project ended, the spin-off MusicMuni was created with Gopala as CEO.

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