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PhD proposals defences

PhD proposals defences



The PhD students that started their PhD at the MTG in the academic year 2018-2019 are defending their thesis proposals.


Thursday September 5th in room 55.410

  • 12h - Andres Ferraro: "Music cold-start and long-tail recommendation: bias in deep representations" (Supervisor: Xavier Serra) 

Monday September 9th in room 55.410

  • 9h - Venkatesh Shenoy Kadandale: "Audio-Visual Approaches for Information Retrieval" (Supervisors: Gloria Haro and Emilia Gómez)
  • 10h - Juan Sebastián Gómez: "The emotions that we perceive in music: agreement and language-sensitive audio models" (Supervisors: Emilia Gómez and Estefanía Cano)
  • 11h - Antonio Ramires: "Methods for Supporting Electronic Music Production with Large-Scale Sound Databases" (Supervisor: Xavier Serra)  
  • 12h - Furkan Yesiler: "Identifying and understanding versions of songs with computational approaches" (Supervisor: Emilia Gómez)
  • 13h - Lorenzo Porcaro: "Assessing the impact of music recommendation diversity" (Supervisors: Emilia Gómez and Carlos Castillo)
  • 15h - Philip Tovstogan: "Facilitating interactive music exploration" (Supervisor: Xavier Serra)