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Euroregional artist-in-residency call

Euroregional artist-in-residency call

Residency for Musical Creation Pyrenees-Mediterranean 2019


Imatge inicial

The Residence for Musical Creation Pyrenees-Mediterranean (RCMPM) is a transnational collaboration project that brings together four cultural agents from different regions to promote newly created music with new technologies: Flashback Ensemble (Occitania), the Phonos Foundation (Catalonia), Placa Base Collective (Balearic Islands), and Unió Social de Flix (Catalonia).

This project, supported by the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion, aims to encourage the creation of innovative musical works and promote their circulation, give access to as many people as possible, bring together common audiences and create dynamic and sustainable spaces for dialogue and exchange between cultural institutions, artists and audiences.

In this context, the four collaborating entities launch a joint call for the presentation of musical and/or sound creation projects without restriction of gender, age or nationality. Each institution will offer accommodation and an economic endowment in the concept of an artistic residency. It will also cover the presentation of the selected projects at the headquarters and/or festivals of the four associated entities. The complete development of the project (creation and presentation) will take place between October 2019 and May 2020.

The RCMPM call is open to all people, regardless of age or nationality. However, each person may send a single proposal to one of the four collaborating entities in one of the Euroregional languages (French, Catalan, Spanish), as well as in English.

Check the rules and regulations of this call.




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