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Research seminar by Thierry Dutoit, UMONS/NUMEDIART Institute

Research seminar by Thierry Dutoit, UMONS/NUMEDIART Institute

Thursday April 11th, 15:30h. Room 55.003 (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)



NUMEDIART – Creative Technologies for Creative Industries by Thierry Dutoit, UMONS/NUMEDIART Institute


In this talk, Thierry Dutoit will browse activity of the research institute he leads at University of Mons, the NUMEDIART institute (, in terms of research, teaching initiatives, and community services. The talk will give examples of recent project results in 5 areas: audio, speech and music – motion capture – AR/VR – media information retrieval – smart spaces. He will conclude by the list of things he expects to take back from his 1-month stay at the MTG.


Thierry Dutoit is an electrical engineer and doctor in applied sciences. He is specialist in voice synthesis and his patents led to the creation in 1996 of ACAPELA SA, a spin-off of UMONS, which now has 40 employees in Belgium, France and Sweden. He completed a 15-month postdoctoral fellowship at AT & T's Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ (New York).
Since 2010, he is the president of the NUMEDIART institute for creative technologies of UMONS. Artificial intelligence is at the heart of its activities. In 2016, he created in Mons the Wallon living lab of creative industries, CLICK ', which contributes to the valorization and creation of new activities in the sector of creative industries. Since 2017 he directs the service of Circuits Theory and Signal Processing (Polytechnic Faculty of Mons).