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Article about TELMI project in La Vanguardia

"Aprender a tocar gracias a la TIC", article published in La Vanguardia newspaper in which Rafael Ramírez presents TELMI project.

Imatge inicial

TELMI was an European Commission funded project (2016-2019) coordinated by the MTG that aims to support students to improve their performance in the music learning. The article explains the work done in the project and future plans for the technologies developed.

The TELMI project has developed a suite of technology to enhance musical learning. Using the violin as a case study, the Royal College of Music has developed a pedagogical framework for the system that embraced both traditional methods of violin instruction and modern cognitive research on how people gain expertise and learn skills efficiently and effectively. At the heart of the system are the groundbreaking advancements in audio, video, and motion-capture systems being developed by the project partners at MTG and the University of Genoa.

The system developed has been tested in the Royal College of Music in London, where they have a room with 3D cameras and the audio system and students can use it for practise and to have feedback of their performance.

The project finished in January 2019, and the next steps for the exploitation of the results could be to create an spin-off to be able to offer the product to the conservatories.

The article was published in La Vanguardia on May 22nd, 2019.




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