Back "AudioStellar": talk and performance by Leandro Garber and Agustín Spinetto

"AudioStellar": talk and performance by Leandro Garber and Agustín Spinetto

Thursday, May 11th at 11 AM at room 55.410. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Campus Poblenou)


Imatge inicial

AudioStellar ( is an experimental sampler that allows creative practitioners to process a sound corpus through a dimensionality reduction pipeline, and provides a rich interface for exploring and playing audio clips in novel ways. The user interacts with a 2D sound map that can be played by spawning autonomous agents, defining rhythmic constellations, drawing free trajectories in latent space, or creating custom heuristics using MIDI and OSC. AudioStellar is free, open source and available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Leandro Garber was born in Buenos Aires and is an artist, teacher, programmer and data scientist. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Arts from the Universidad de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) and a Master's Degree in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He teaches several courses on artificial intelligence applied to art at universities and other institutions. Since 2018 he leads a research team at UNTREF where AudioStellar was born, an experimental sampler that uses new artificial intelligence techniques. The project has appeared in several national and international conferences and meetings. Since 2007 he has recorded 8 albums and performs in live shows with different groups playing acoustic and electronic instruments, merging rock and song with experimental themes, gestures and textures.

Agustín Spinetto is an Argentinian musician, graduated in Electronic Arts from the University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF). He worked as a teacher in this institution and then moved to Japan, where he graduated from the Master's in Music and Sound Creation at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Lately he has been working with acoustic and electronic instruments and using new technologies for experimental musical proposals. His performances span varied styles, from electroacoustic music and live electronic concerts to art installations in collaboration with visual artists. He has performed around the world, including New York, Korea, Austria, Japan and Buenos Aires in academic concerts, live performance or exhibitions in art galleries. Both in the latest albums and in the live presentations, Agustín uses AudioStellar and modular or analog synthesizers as a fundamental part of his instrumentation. Currently, he serves as an associate professor at Temple University Japan.



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