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Global standards among real and virtual worlds

The Metaverse1 Project, "Setting Global Standards among Real and Virtual Worlds", started in 2008 and has successfully finished in May 2011. It was an European ITEA2 project with the participation of industrial partners (Philips, Alcatel-Lucent, OrangeLabs, Technicolor, other) and research institutions (UPF, INRIA, Utrecht Uni., other).

MTG's participation focused in the area of environmental sounds, both analysis and synthesis. The contributions are two prototypes:
- a content-based search algorithm for Freesound, using automatic classification based on a taxonomy of environmental sounds.
- an online soundscape generation platform consisting of:
- an authoring tool using the Freesound API.
- a real-time audio engine for an autonomous generation and spatialization.
- a streaming server for a multi-client personalized MP3 streaming.

More description of the technologies developed by the MTG can be found in here.

Project Website:

Reference: ITEA 07016

Metaverse1 project is a ITEA2 project and is supported by: