Content-based Unified Interfaces for Digital Audio/music Description/processing

Fact Sheet

Action Line: Information access and interfaces

Program: ESPRIT

Reference: Esprit-28793

Program Type: European Commission 4th FWP (Fourth Framework Programme)

Start Date: September 1, 1998

End Date: February 1, 2000

Status: Completed



CUIDAD is an European Working Group coordinated by IRCAM in order to gather all institutions, industrials and users interested in the content processing of music.

The growing emergence of network services and of Internet users has pushed content access and among them music applications. Low bandwith and information overload now call for the development of smarter data representation schemes precisely based on contents. The objective of the CUIDAD working group is to precise and meet industrial and user needs by helping technologies in content processing of music to be developped not only for on-line applications.



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