Challenges and Opportunities in Music Tech

Opinion gathering

As a first action of the project Challenges and Opportunities in Music Tech, we have launched a participatory process to identify the impact that some current emerging technologies (such artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, metaverse…) will have in music. We are focusing on gathering opinions on: music creation, music listening, sound & music archives, and music education. 

To participate and give your opinion, please choose the topic you feel closer to and answer the questionnaire through the links below:

Sound and Music Archives

Use of AI-driven methodologies and other emerging technologies to manage large amounts of music content (audio, text, images, ...), processing it to automatically describe it, and making it available to experts and general public.

Music Listening Use of AI-driven methodologies and other emerging technologies for supporting music listening and the distribution of music content from artists to listeners, including management and navigation of music collections, music exploration and recommendation systems, and software and devices for music reproduction.
Music Education Use of AI-driven methodologies and other emerging technologies to support the development of music appreciation skills, the acquisition of music knowledge, and the development of instrument playing skills.
Music Creation

Use of AI-driven methodologies and other emerging technologies in composition, performance, sound design, musical interfaces, mixing, mastering and production, remixing, ...

Thank you! Your opinion will be very valuable to understand how these technologies can address current needs and difficulties, open new possibilities within the music sector, and what is their societal impact.