Content Aware Networked systems Towards Advanced and Tailored Assistance.

Reference: ITEA05010
Duration:   from 1/7/2006 to 30/6/2009 

The CANTATA project was a three year European Research Program sponsored via Eureka under the ITEA programme. More than 20 partners are involved split over 7 countries.

The general goal of CANTATA was to energize the European industry with respect to the development of content aware systems. This is based on the vision that there is a large industrial potential for such content aware systems. Where the Serket project is focusing on combining signals from a wide variety of sensors, CANTATA is focusing on multimedia streams. The content awareness fits also with long-term trends in the European society, such as the growing population of older people requiring more care and observation in security and healthcare aspects.

MTG's work related to audio and music analysis and description for multimedia retrieval applications.