Back The EyeHarp participates to "Petites Grans Idees" program

The EyeHarp participates to "Petites Grans Idees" program

The EyeHarp project participates to the UPF microfunding program "Petites Grans Idees" in order to get funding for improving the technology and organize educational and creative activities.


The EyeHarp is a digital musical instrument which is designed to allow users to play music with eye or head movements. This instrument allows people with severe motor disabilities to learn, play and compose music. Currently we have a prototype of the EyeHarp that is used by people with disabilities in several countries. The main objective of participating in the "Petites Grans Idees" program is to obtain funding for continue developing the EyeHarp and to make its current implementation more robust, thus allowing even more people to use it.

Specifically, the funding obtained from the program will be dedicated to:
  • Finish developing the EyeHarp, porting it to different operating systems and making its current implementation more robust.
  • Extend our evaluation tests to include more people with different degrees of disability
  • Continue disseminating the EyeHarp (currently it has appeared on the press and several television, radio programs but we believe that extending its dissemination will allow even more people to benefit from it)
  • Extend the use of the EyeHarp in music schools. It is currently used as an instrument of musical education in the School of Music and Arts of Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, but we would like to extend its use to other schools.
  • Organize a public concert to which all donors will be invited. The concert will include music pieces performed by ensembles of both, people with disabilities and professional musicians. The press will be invited with the aim of achieving the widest possible dissemination.

"Petites Grans Idees" is a sponsorship program of the UPFund with the aim of achieving collective funding for innovative projects in their fields and, at the same time, projecting to the society the commitment of UPF with scientific and technological development.

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