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Barcelona Confinement Soundscape

The MTG supports the initiative Barcelona Confinement Soundscape that aims to share the sounds of the city during the confinement using Freesound


Barcelona Confinement Soundscape, is a collaborative soundmap and soundscape-related network of researchers, artists and neighbors who stay home and actively listen, record and reflect on soundscape during confinement by Covid-19 in Barcelona.

The confinement experience has changed our social practices and soundscapes. It is a turning point that will leave unpredictable consequences and will certainly be the subject of studies and reflections.

It is thus important to document -collectively, but from individual intentions and sensibilities- the sounds and sensory experiences of these days and to promote information exchange network in order to facilitate future discussions and reflections on the cultural and sonic dimension of confinement. 

In this context Ilaria Sartori (collaborator of MTG and Phonos) and Gianni Ginesi have launched the Barcelona Confinement Soundscape, an open participation project that collects sounds recorded from the balconies, windows, houses of Barcelona during the confinement by covid19.

Barcelona, photo by Bálint Deáki on Flickr

In the framework of this project, they are creating a sound map which includes the different listening points of the participants. You can watch it and listen to it here:


The map aims to become a useful resource for research, teaching and artistic creation; a tool to strengthen networks and exchanges between people and initiatives that work around listening, soundscape and field-recording in Barcelona. If you live in or around Barcelona, you are welcome to join the Barcelona Confinement Soundscape project with one or more recordings, and if you wish, by providing bibliography or other information related to the practice of listening during confinement.

In order to appear on the map you must:

  • Record a sound (or more) from your window/balcony/terrace
  • Use your Freesound account adding the tags barcelonaconfinementsoundscape and covid19 to the recordings you upload to your account.
  • Or you can use this Freesound shared account. You need to provide a detailed description and geo-locate the sound. Specific instructions are given in the shared account profile page. To get the password please contact the organizers.
  • In your sound description you can add information about the author, and possible links to texts, websites, social, sound archives and related projects. See examples here and here.

Find more details about the project on the Freesound blog.



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