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Sounds can boost the awareness of visual events through attention without cross-modal integration

  • Authors
  • Soto-Faraco, Salvador; Papai, Marta Szabina
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  • Articles de recerca
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  • Scientific Reports
  • Publication year
  • 2017
  • Volume
  • 7
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  • ISSN
  • 2045-2322
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  • Publicat
  • Abstract
  • Cross-modal interactions can lead to enhancement of visual perception, even for visual events below awareness. However, the underlying mechanism is still unclear. Can purely bottom-up cross-modal integration break through the threshold of awareness? We used a binocular rivalry paradigm to measure perceptual switches after brief flashes or sounds which, sometimes, co-occurred. When flashes at the suppressed eye coincided with sounds, perceptual switches occurred the earliest. Yet, contrary to the hypothesis of cross-modal integration, this facilitation never surpassed the assumption of probability summation of independent sensory signals. A follow-up experiment replicated the same pattern of results using silent gaps embedded in continuous noise, instead of sounds. This manipulation should weaken putative sound-flash integration, although keep them salient as bottom-up attention cues. Additional results showed that spatial congruency between flashes and sounds did not determine the effectiveness of cross-modal facilitation, which was again not better than probability summation. Thus, the present findings fail to fully support the hypothesis of bottom-up cross-modal integration, above and beyond the independent contribution of two transient signals, as an account for cross-modal enhancement of visual events below level of awareness.
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  • Soto-Faraco, Salvador; Papai, Marta Szabina. Sounds can boost the awareness of visual events through attention without cross-modal integration. Scientific Reports 2017; 7( ).
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