Back Drew, Alice


Within neuroscience my main interest is the study of multisensory perception: how the senses work to provide us with sensory experiences we encounter everyday. I have previously worked on a visual phenomena called binocular rivalry and am now working on neurocinematics (the study of the cognitive mechanisms at play during film viewing) but I am equally passionate about the chemical senses, and as such I have recently started studying multisensory effects in the experience of food.

My background is in literature and philosophy and, perhaps due to this, I am also interested in neuroaesthetics.

Over the last few years I have focused on the cognitive conflict framework to try to understand the role that conflict plays in cognitive function at large and in the above applications more specifically (does conflict play a role in processing incompatible visual stimuli? does it govern narrative understanding or aesthetic preference? does the experience of food involve conflict across different sensory modalities?). To address this, I use the neuroimaging technique of EEG as well as electrodermal measurements and behavioural reports from human participants.