Admission is open to university graduates holding a bachelor's degree or equivalent university title preferably in the areas of humanities or social and juridical sciences.

Candidates must prove to have completed a degree in a country whose language is Chinese or Spanish and to have completed a 50% of the degree subjects in the other language. Candidates who do not meet the previous requirement are requested to present the following documentation:

- C1 level of Spanish

- C1 (issued by a European institution) or HSK6 level (issued by Hanban) or a minimum level of 4 in the TOCFL of Chinese

- B2 level (or equivalent) of English.

Admission criteria (up to 100 possible points):

  • Academic transcript of the accredited official training with the average grade at the university of origin (GPA(compulsory, up to 60 possible points)
  • Proof of higher levels in any of the working languages to those required to enrol in the master (optional, up to 20 possible points)
  • Motivation letter written in the second foreign language (maximum length of two pages), stating the candidate’s interest in following the master’s programme. The letter should reflect the candidate’s fluency in Spanish or Chinese in free style (up to 5 possible points), as well as a motivation corresponding with the master’s goals (up to 5 possible points) (compulsory, up to 10 possible points). 
  • Proof of professional/teaching/research experience in in any of the fields related to the master's programme (optional, up to 10 possible points).
    • Professional experience: official working life report stating that the candidate has been working in an institution or company as a Chinese-Spanish translator during a period of more than two years (2 points for each two-year period).
    • Teaching experience: certificate issued by the head of the institution where teaching has been given including the subject taught and the academic year of teaching (2 points for each two-year period).
    • Research experience: proof of presentations in international conferences, academic publications, research master’s thesis (2 points for each merit)

If you have finished your Bachelor’s degree when you formalise your application, you will need to send us the following documents:

- A photocopy of your undergraduate degree/diploma or Certification/proof of degree completion.

- A photocopy of your official final undergraduate transcript.

However, if you have not yet completed your undergraduate studies when formalising application, you will need to provide us with the following documents:

- A signed declaration of obtaining your degree before the commencement of the master's programme. 

- A photocopy of the provisional undergraduate transcript. 

If the diploma or the academic transcript are not written in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Italian, you will also have to include the respective sworn translations into Catalan or Spanish.