Vés enrere 27/06/2019 Seminari GLiF a càrrec de Carina Silberer (UPF)

27/06/2019 Seminari GLiF a càrrec de Carina Silberer (UPF)



Títol: "Here I am - what's my name?" a càrrec de Carina Silberer (UPF)

Data: dijous 27 de juny de 2019

Hora: 12.00 h

Lloc:  Sala de reunions 52.701 - 7a planta edifici 52. Roc Boronat - Campus del Poblenou - UPF

Resum. Research in Language & Vision generally is interested in modeling how speakers naturally name, refer to or talk about visual objects and scenes. However, the task of object naming has been addressed in a relatively simplistic way that ignores linguistic variation and typically provides a single label for each object, assuming it to be its canonical category or name. In order to account for naming variations, existing work has used taxonomy-driven models that retrieve hierarchically related names for the canonical name from the lexical database WordNet. 
I will present our ongoing study of variation in object naming in a less constrained setting, in which we elicit dozens of names from different speakers for the same instance in a real-world image (25k images in total). The resulting dataset, ManyNames, reveals that instances do tend to have a preferred name, though the level of agreement varies widely across domains (e.g. animals and people). The study also shows name variants often are not hierarchically related, but underlie phenomena like cross-classification of objects (cat-toy) and metonymy (bowl-fruit), as well as disagreements about what object is being referred to. 
I will further present experimental results which suggest that object names annotated by many speakers provide a more robust ground for testing computational models of object labeling. The talk is based on joint work with Sina Zarrieß and Gemma Boleda.




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