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2021 Graduates!

2021 Graduates!




It is our pleasure to announce the successful defence of 28 master thesis during the 6, 7 and 8 July 2021. We want to deeply congratulate all of them for their perseverance, effort and motivation during the whole course. The new graduates are:

Abonti Mehtaz: “The representation of the Rohingya refugee crisis: A comparative analysis of newspapers in Bangladesh, Myanmar, the UK and the USA” (Supervisor: Carles Roca)

Ahn Luh: “The 21st century authoritarian state and the lack of media plurality. A case study of Vietnamese media politics.” (Supervisor: Christopher Tulloch)

Alexandra Reshetnikova: “To Profit or Not to Profit? A Critical Discourse Analysis of a Non-Profit ‘Unstoppable’ Campaign Contrasted with Literature on Commercial Femvertising Messages” (Supervisor: Núria Almiron)

Andrea Arévalo: “(Un)loveable Monsters: Representations of Bisexual Women as Monstruous in Audiovisual Fiction” (Supervisor: Mercè Oliva)

Carla Klein: “Menstrual narratives in the German public discourse: ‘Pinky Gloves’ – A case study” (Supervisor: Pilar Medina)

Estela Costas: “El sufrimiento distante en fotoperiodismo: la respuesta de los jóvenes españoles a la cobertura gráfica sobre la migración a través del Mediterráneo” (Supervisor: Mercè Oliva)

Galena Todorova: “Analysis of the perceptions of Generations X, Y, and Z towards media disinformation in Bulgaria” (Supervisor: Xavier Ramon)

Janella Paris: “Not Your Fandom, Not Your Problem? Cosmopolitan Solidarities And Fissures Among Transnational K-pop Fans” (Supervisor: Carles Roca)

Jelena Colic: “Objectivity, Identity and Proximity: how female journalists with migration background fight the anti-immigrant discourse in Austria” (Supervisor: Xavier Ramon)

Luisa Verhagen: “Sexual harassment (SH) as a phenomenon of interpersonal communication. Analyzing the female perception of male-initiated SH in 3 different environments in Berlin, Germany” (Supervisor: Carles Roca)

Mar Figueres: “Misrepresenting the unheard: The representation and interpretation of (un)veiled Muslim women in the Spanish series SKAM and ÉLITE” (Supervisor: Mercè Oliva)


Maria Magenhann: “A Feminist Perspective on Disney Princess Movies. Redefining gender roles in 21st Century Disney Princess movies. The case of Tangled (2010) and Brave (2012)” (Supervisor: Pilar Medina)

Marialena Yannoulatou: “Online news framing of police and protesters:Triple case study of the London Sarah Everard vigil, the 47th Athens Polytechnic Uprising rally and the Barcelona street disturbances in support of rapper Pablo Hasél” (Supervisor: Christopher Tulloch)

Marija Ruta Viceviciute: “Immersive 360-degree documentaries as false illusions of presence or a step towards more genuine representations of the Refugee experience? An analysis of three immersive Refugee documentaries Life in the Time of Refuge (2017), Dreaming in Za’atari: Stories after Syria (2018) and Lives On Hold in Lebanon (2018).” (Supervisor: Manel Jiménez)

Mila Biedelehan: “Feminism Presenting Dilemma and Realistic Reflection in the Chinese TV Series for Urban Women in the Workplace – Women in Beijing (2018) as Case Study” (Supervisor: Pilar Medina)

Mingxuan Guo: “Study on Chinese Media Coverage of Nanjing Massacre Collective Memory” (Supervisor: Carles Roca)

Miquel Muñoz: “World Press Photo: Una aproximació crítica a la representació del món en el concurs a través de les fotografies guanyadores” (Supervisor: Christopher Tulloch)

Mohmad Achqar: “Media representation of political stances in Spain. Content analysis on Spanish leading newspapers after 2015: New prospected scenario on Parallelism and media pluralism at national and regional levels” (Supervisor: Xavier Ramon)

Olatz Reboredo: “Nonhuman Animals in Media for Children: Vessels for Anthropocentric and Anthropomorphic Representations” (Supervisor: Núria Almiron)

Paula Molina: “Representing Queerness in Children’s Animated Fiction. Divergencies of Queer-Coding: from Homonormativity to Normalizing Queerness” (Supervisor: Manel Jiménez)

Poppi Knight: “Has Covid Given us the Travel Bug? Monocultural, Multicultural and Intercultural Travel Plans in the Post- Pandemic World.” (Supervisor: Ruth Rodríguez)

Rita Faria: “’Oftentimes, the most righteous thing you can do is shake the table’: An intersectional analysis of AOC’s political journey” (Supervisor: Pilar Medina)

Ruonan Chen: “When the Security Distance Between Journalism and State is Not Guaranteed: A Content Analysis of the Representation of Ethical Principles in Chinese Official Media Coverage of the Covid-19 Crisis” (Supervisor: Ruth Rodríguez)

Sònia Bertran: “Resistance through Grime Using music to fight racism and discrimination” (Supervisor: Christopher Tulloch)

Stella de Weert: “Old Stereotypes, New Media. The Representation of Female Terrorists in Alternative News Media” (Supervisor: Ruth Rodríguez)

Thaïs Sánchez: “Pensar la maternidad desde el feminismo. Análisis de la narrativa feminista del blog “La Daronne Perchée”” (Supervisor: Pilar Medina)

Tien Nguyen Thu Thuy: “Gender stereotypes and cancel culture: Some uses of online discourse to reiterate devaluation and denigration of women” (Supervisor: Carles Roca)

Yehven Butkovskyy: “Censorship in Ukrainian journalism during the war against Russia: fighting against propaganda or threat to freedom of speech?” (Supervisor: Sara Suárez-Gonzalo)





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