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Philosopher and activist Catia Faria at the 2020 Opening Keynote

Philosopher and activist Catia Faria at the 2020 Opening Keynote


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Portuguese philosopher and activist Catia Faria delivered the talk “Metafeminism: An examination of five common pitfalls of feminist discourse” as the opening of the 2020 master’s year. The event took place on December 2 through videoconference.

Abstract: (i) What is feminism? (ii) What is feminism for? (iii) How should feminism be done? I don’t have a definite answer. Yet, in this talk I will identify what I see as 5 common pitfalls (traps) we easily fall prey of in feminist discourse and argue that by overcoming them, whatever our views on (i) and (ii), with regards to (iii) some paths are clearly better than others.

Bio: Catia Faria is a philosopher and an activist. She is a postdoctoral researcher of the Foundation for Science and Technology at the Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society, at the University of Minho (Portugal) and a board member of the UPF-Centre for Animal Ethics. Her work lies at the intersection of animal ethics, environmental ethics and feminist ethics.

The recording of the speech is available here.







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