Transversal actions Transversal actions

A number of transversal actions aim at consolidating the department as a reference research center in the topics related to knowledge extraction. It includes promoting transversal methodologies related to knowledge extraction; establishing better connections and synergies between the research groups and with the international leading organisations in academic, industrial and social contexts; organizing educational and training events.

Maria de Maeztu Annual Event

An open event takes place every year to share the progress of the different projects.

The event for 2016 took place on June 28th-29th, 2016, videos and slides available here.

Gender and ICT

Technology is present in every aspect of our lives. The lack of gender diversity in ICT becomes an issue of social and economic importance. A central aspect in our strategy to strengthen our knowledge extraction activities is to infuse diversity in all of them.

Reproducibility in Research

Working Groups on different topics

Industrial Doctoral Programs

Social Actions