Thesis linked to the implementation of the María de Maeztu Strategic Research Program.

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We include actions to promote joint Doctoral Programs with the industry. The awarded projects are:

Under H2020 Marie Curie Programs:

- CardioFunxion: Towards a novel paradigm for cardiac function assessment from imaging.

Coordinator: Bart Bijnens

Supervisors at UPF:

- Bart Bijnens, Constantine Butakoff, Óscar Cámara (Physense Group - BCN MedTech)

- Miguel Ángel González Ballester, Jérôme Noailly, Gemma Piella (Symbiosis - BCN MedTech)

- Anders Jonsson (Artificial Intelligence Group)

Company: Philips Research

Individual projects

  • Longitudinal assessment of cardiac function
  • Fusion of heterogeneous measurements into a physiological plausible patient representation
  • Open reference databases and tools for the multimodal validation of strain
  • Novel approach for evidence based classification of heart failure etiologies

- BAnDIT: Advanced Blockchain Attacks and Defense Techniques.

Coordinator: Vanesa Daza

Company: Nokia Bell Labs

Under the Industrial PhD program from the Catalan Government:

- Representation learning on graphs for web data

Supervisor: Vicenç Gómez (ML and AI group)

Company: NTENT

- 3D subject-specific shape and density modeling of the lumbar spine from 2D DXA images for osteoporosis assessment (project MOSSM - Multi-object statistical shape models for medical imaging applications)

Supervisor: Miguel Ángel González Ballester (Symbiosis Group - BCN MedTech)

Company: Galgo Medical

Student: Mirella López Picazo.

PhD thesis

- IF3D - Image analysis methods for the detection of anatomical features and 3D simulation of plastic surgery

Supervisor: Miguel Ángel González Ballester (Symbiosis Group - BCN MedTech)

Company: Crisalix Labs

- Development of Deep Learning Methodologies and Reinforcement Learning in Industrial Contexts

Supervisor: Vicenç Gómez, Anders Jonsson (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group)

Company: OESIA networks

- Interactive Machine Learning in online professional networks

Supervisor: Vicenç Gómez, Gergely Neu (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group)

Company: Fluttr Professional Network

- Music / Speech Detection in Broadcast Media Programs

Supervisor: Emilia Gómez (Music Information Research Lab, MTG)

Company: BMAT

- Inmersive audiovisual production enhancement based on 3D audio

Supervisor: Emilia Gómez (Music Information Research Lab, MTG)

Company: Eurecat

- Joint Industrial Program with SEAT

Supervisor position 1: Davinia Hernández Leo (PhD project, Work Integrated Learning supported by technology)

Supervisor position 2: Helena Ramalhinho (PhD project, SEAT Logistic Center)

Company: SEAT

Contributions to the understanding of tumor eradication by electroporation-based therapies

Supervisor: Antoni Ivorra (Biomedical Electronics Research Group; Barcelona MedTech)

Company: Institut für Bildgebende Diagnostik (Offenbach am Main, Germany)

- Deep-Lung

Supervisor: Miguel Ángel González Ballester (Simulation, Imaging and Modelling for Biomedical Systems; Barcelona MedTech)

Company: EURECAT

Awarded projects that finally did not progress:

SoftEndo - Soft tissue deformation models for planning, simulation and intra-operative navigation of endoscopic interventions

Supervisor: Miguel Ángel González Ballester (Symbiosis Group - BCN MedTech)

Company: ALMA IT Systems (project granted, execution stopped)

Machine Learning for Malware Behaviour Analysis

Supervisor: Vanesa Daza (Wireless Communications Group), Rafael Ramírez (Music and Machine Learning Lab - Music Technology Group)

Company: ENEO Tecnología (project granted, execution stopped)

The Fab effect. Which is the impact of the “Fab Labs” with respect to learning new skills, entrepreneurship and social capital?

Supervisor: Davinia Hernández-Leo (Interactive Technologies Group)

Company: Ideas for Change (project granted, execution stopped)


Under the Industrial PhD program from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness:

Supervisor: Àngel Lozano