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Back DTIC-UPF workshops at the next Maker Faire Barcelona 2019

Fighting risks at social networks. Algorithms and biases (Research Group on Interactive and Distributed Technologies for Education, COURAGE project): The objective of this workshop is to get to know the way information is disseminated in the Internet and social networks from the perspective of the algorithms. We will put special emphasis in the use of these tools by teenagers.

How technology and music can improve learning performance (Music Technology GroupInteractive & Distributed Technologies for Education Group, TROMPA project): Stating whether a song is happy or sad is a complex task that can be automatically assessed but also requires human validation. In this workshop we will discuss the role of technology, music and emotions for educational purposes.

About the COURAGE project

The COURAGE project (A Social Media Companion Safeguarding and Educating Students) funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, aims to develop a Social Media User's Virtual Companion that educates and supports teenage school students facing the threats of social media such as discrimination and biases also escalating to hate speech, bullying, fake news and other toxic content that can strongly affect the real world. The Companion will raise awareness of potential threats in social media while still providing a satisfactory experience through the use of novel gamification strategies and educative information selection algorithms.

The project is led at UPF by the TIDE research group, with participation of Viçenc Gòmez, Anders Jonsson (AI-ML research group), and Carlos Scolari (Dept. of Communication).

About the TROMPA H2020 project

TROMPA (Towards Richer Online Music Public-domain Archives) is an international research project, sponsored by the European Union. In the project, we are investigating how we can make public-domain digital music resources more accessible...with a little bit of help from state-of-the-art technology, and you!

The project is coordinated by Emilia Gómez (MTG) with the participation of the TIDE research group at DTIC-UPF.

About the Maker Faire

Maker Faire Barcelona 2019 brings together the local and international Maker Community, understanding this community as a broad universe that unites researchers and practitioners of the Maker movement, Universities, Research Centers and Socially Innovative Enterprises.

The meeting between makers, technologists, scientists and enterprises wants to promote the interaction between different initiatives and a wide variety of proposals. A main goal is to foster cross-pollination between projects and participants.

The aim is, on one hand, to promote the integration of Science and academic and business Technology with an ecosystem of fast-growing innovation like the Maker Movement. On the second hand, to encourage the meeting between the best researchers and creators of all three systems and, at the same time, favoring the transmission of knowledge and practic among the general public.