We develop a large number of software tools and hosting infrastructures to support the research developed at the Department. We will be detailing in this section the different tools available. You can take a look for the moment at the offer available within the UPF Knowledge Portal, the innovations created in the context of EU projects in the Innovation Radar and the software sections of some of our research groups:


 Artificial Intelligence

 Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

 Web Research 


 Music Technology

 Interactive  Technologies

 Barcelona MedTech

 Natural Language  Processing

 Nonlinear Time Series  Analysis


Wireless Networking

Educational Technologies




Back Connecting Learning Analytics and Learning Design (CLAD 2016) Workshop at EC-TEL

Connecting Learning Analytics and Learning Design (CLAD 2016) Workshop at EC-TEL

This workshop aims to open up the dialogue between the learning design and the learning analytics communities, acknowledging the potential and benefits for both fields




Connecting Learning Analytics and Learning Design (CLAD 2016) Workshop @ EC-TEL


Learning Design (LD) and Learning Analytics (LA) are both domains of research and action that aim to improve learning effectiveness. In Learning Design or, as some prefer, Design for Learning, practitioners are interested in understanding how the processes undertaken by teachers and trainers can be made visible, shared, exposed to scrutiny, and consequently made more effective and efficient. On the other hand, Learning Analytics are defined as “the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimising learning and the environments in which it occurs”. LA typically employ large datasets to provide real-time or retrospective insights about the effect and effectiveness of various elements and features of learning environments. Learn more.


Workshop organisers:


Important Dates

10 May 2016: Start open submission

15 June 2016: End open submission

30 June 2016: Peer review submission deadline

15 July 2016: Notification to authors

30 August 2016: Video presentation deadline

16 September 2016: Workshop at ECTEL’16


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