World 2030: Digital Ideas from Digital Leaders World 2030: Digital Ideas from Digital Leaders

Title: Better AI:  Usable, Understandable and Reactive

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Zehra Cataltepe. CEO, Prof. Istanbul Technical University, Comp Eng. Faculty

Date: November 7th 2019. 12:30 - 13:30. 

Place: Auditorium Poble Nou Campus (Roc Boronat 138, Barcelona)

Dept. Information and Communication Technologies, Univ. Pompeu Fabra

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Machine Learning solutions are being used in different industries for complex business usecases. Some of these cases involve human lives directly, from auto or health insurance premiums to whether someone"s CV should be considered for a job.

While data scientists work with business units in creation of successful solutions, there is a clear need for involvement of business users more in the process of creation, monitoring, updates and taking actions. These capabilities allow more people to inspect the ML models, reducing biases. In addition, ability of humans to update the models allow them to be corrected whenever they are not in line with human goals. Finally, continuous learning technologies allow ML to be responsive to changes in the world, enabling continuous service.


Zehra Cataltepe is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tazi, one of four worldwide Gartner “Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies” (May 2019). At Tazi, her aim is to help transform Machine Learning into a technology that can be used easily and useful for everyone. After she got her Ph.D. from Caltech in Computer Science, Zehra worked at Bell Labs and Siemens Corporate Research. She is a Professor at Istanbul Technical University Computer Engineering Department and has been teaching courses on Machine Learning. She has 18 patents and over 90 publications on theory of machine learning and its applications in finance, health, energy and transportation.