Back [TEXT] ELMD: Entity Linking for the Music Domain


ELMD is a corpus of annotated named entities from the music domain that comes from a collection of about 13k artist biographies. Entities are linked to DBpedia thanks to a voting system among different state of the art Entity Linking systems (ELVIS) with a precision of at least 0,94. In addition, by setting up a higher confidence threshold it is possible to obtain a subset of ELMD that prioritizes higher Precision by sacrificing Recall.

  • Full details and download available here
  • ELVIS (Entity Linking Framework Voting and Integration System), the source code used to generate ELMD 1.0 and 2.0, is also available for download here
  • Scientific reference (full record here): Oramas S, Espinosa-Anke L, Sordo M, Saggion H, Serra X. ELMD: An Automatically Generated Entity Linking Gold Standard Dataset in the Music Domain. Proceedings of the Language Resource and Evaluation Conference 2016