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Jingju (Beijing opera) Phoneme Annotation

This dataset is a collection of boundary annotations of a cappella singing performed by Beijing Opera (Jingju, 京剧, wiki page) professional and amateur singers.

The boundries have been annotated in a hierarchical way. Line (phrase), syllable, phoneme singing units have been annotated to a jingju (Beijing opera) a cappella singing audio dataset.

The corresponding audio files are the a-cappella singing arias recordings, which are stereo or mono, sampled at 44.1 kHz, and stored as wav files. Due to its large size, we can’t upload the audio files here, please refer to our zenodo link:

The wav files are recorded by two institutes: those file names ending with ‘qm’ are recorded by C4DM Queen Mary University of London; others file names ending with ‘upf’ or ‘lon’ are recorded by MTG-UPF. If you use this audio dataset in your work, please cite both the following publication:

Rong Gong, Rafael Caro Repetto, & Yile Yang. (2017). Jingju a cappella singing dataset [Data set]. Zenodo.

D. A. A. Black, M. Li, and M. Tian, “Automatic Identification of Emotional Cues in Chinese Opera Singing,” in 13th Int. Conf. on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC-2014), 2014, pp. 250–255.

For details: