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TEDxUPF - Engineering the Planetary Wellbeing


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Planetary Wellbeing. With all the technological advancements and cultural changes, global society is
facing major challenges affecting the wellbeing of humans, animals and the planet itself.
The aim of this project is to organize a TED talk at UPF's campus to expose some of the main
challenges and solutions the planet is, or will be, facing in the near future and that can be related to
the biomedical engineering field. The talks will be centered around: the future of the planet, the
alimentation, the medicine, the housing and the need to grow a new mentality.
We want to create a space where different professionals can share their recent and most interesting
thoughts and discoveries.
The health of the planet is a recent growing topic that has lots of potential, and biomedical
engineering tools have a great power to contribute to the good path.


Event information & contact

Date: 5 Octubre 2023
Schedule: 16pm - 20pm

                      16:30 pm Ricard Solé
                      16:50 pm Manuel Portela
                      17:10 pm Laura Batlle
                      17:30 pm - - - - - - - - - - - -
                      18:00 pm Roser Sanchez
                      18:20 pm Vicente Guallard
                      18:40 pm Lela Melón
                      19: 00 pm Appetizer




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