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Imatge inicial

JORNADA TICTAKER, un camí cap a l'aprenentatge digital i creatiu. 17/11/2023, 17:30h - 19:30h, Campus del Poble Nou, DTIC-UPF.

In cooperation with Casal dels Infants and YoungITGirls, and with the participation of eXplorium, over 200 girls and boys will interact with our researchers and students in different workshops in our Campus:

For girls and boys between 12 to 14 years:

For boys and girls between 9 and 11 years.

With the support of volunteer students from our engineering programs (Alba Roca de las Heras, Mariam Coris Errouich, Ariadna Plans, Ruth Vázquez Masana, Marta Dalmau, Júlia Pons, Álvaro Borachok, Patricia Barrufet) and the Erasmus Mundus Master in AI (Neus Vegas).

General organization: Aurelio Ruiz García.

Map of the campus, indicating each building (two first numbers in the name of the room - 52.109 -- building 52, first floor).


RESPONSIBLE ALGORITHMS. Institut Milà i Fontanals, Barcelona

Support to the philosophy course in high school (1r batxillerat) at the Institut Milà i Fontanals in Barcelona. The objective is to support the critical analysis by the 50 students of the implications of AI design and use.

It consists of the participation in two classes previous and post to their attendance to the lecture by Louise Amoore at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCCB), in the framework of their AI exhibition, where DTIC-UPF also contributes.



The program was born with the aim of training primary school teachers and their students through the knowledge and skills derived from introducing new technologies in education. Informal learning is promoted through various activities and through the use of cutting-edge technologies. It is a program developed by researchers from the Department of Information and Communication Technologies at Pompeu Fabra University with the intention of breaking stereotypes, and with special emphasis on the gender perspective.

Description of the 2023-24 edition



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