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DATALOG, coordinated by the UPF and Ideas for change, won the call for grants "The proactive city 2022" of the BIT Habitat Foundation of the Barcelona City Council. At the event, Barcelona City Council's Commissioner for Urban Innovation, Michael Donaldson, took part, together with Anna Sàez, from the Open Data Department of the Catalonian Government.

DATALOG is the first European 'data trust' in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, and the event will show the prototype of the platform, where citizen consumption data will be displayed, with analysis and prediction algorithms. The aim of DATALOG is to enable citizens to make informed decisions about their consumption in order to fight against energy poverty and climate emergency.

The DATALOG project will collect and compile data uploaded by users, in an anonymised form, to promote urban research, to see which resources are used more and to contribute to the improvement of cities. The processing and analysis of this data will allow both individual results, personalised consumption reports or anomaly detection, and collective results, to monitor and understand consumption patterns across the city and beyond.

Its further development towards deployment is supported by the Innovation Program of this María de Maeztu Strategic Research Program.

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