Falling Walls Lab Barcelona - September 12th 2017, 16h Falling Walls Lab Barcelona - September 12th 2017, 16h

  September 12th 2017, 16h.

  Auditorium, Roc Boronat 138, Barcelona. 

  UPF Communication Campus.

  Registration is free but required here.


Great minds, 3 minutes, 1 day.

The Falling Walls Lab is a challenging, inspiring and interdisciplinary format for outstanding talents. It offers the opportunity to excellent academics and professionals to present their innovative ideas, research projects and social initiatives.

Each participant is asked to present his/her work in 3 minutes. All disciplines are welcome. A prestigious jury from science and business awards the best participants. The winner qualifies directly to the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin.

Moderated by: Guillermo Orts Gil (FECYT/MINECO)



  • Yoran Beldengrün (IQAC-CSIC). Breaking the Wall of scientists. Scientists break walls, we help building bridges.
  • Francisco José Eiroa Orosa (University of Barcelona). Breaking the Wall of professionals' stigma in mental health. Promoting shared spaces for mental health recovery.
  • Ignacio Funes Ardoiz (ICIQ).  Breaking the Wall of energy production. Water as a fuel source? Check it computationally!
  • Ana García Díaz (Univ. Complutense). Breaking the Wall of freedom of education. Powerful ideas in the journey towards excellence. 
  • Steven Gottlieb (CSIC). Breaking the Wall of Gordon Moore. Imagine that future computers build themselves.
  • Lela Mélon (UPF). Breaking the Wall of shareholder value maximization. The shareholder value maximization as a myth.
  • Emre Ozan Polat (ICFO). Breaking the Wall of personal health monitoring. Wearable wellness patches showing health status.
  • Maria Rauschenberger (DTIC-UPF). Breaking the Wall of dyslexia. A tool with the potential to change children life.
  • Emiliano Salvagni (IQAC-CSIC). Breaking the Wall of eye infections due to contact lenses. Soft contact lenses with antibacterial activity.
  • Nivas Selvaraj (University of Aveiro). Breaking the Wall of lead based devices. New world, green materials with clean environment.
  • Zacharias Vamvakousis (DTIC-UPF). Breaking the Wall of accessibility in playing music. Everybody should have access to playing music.
  • Amilcar Vargas (University of Barcelona). Breaking the Wall of participation in world heritage sites. Participation in World Heritage is urgently needed.
  • Víctor Vilarrasa (CSIC). Breaking the Wall of geo-energies. Develop techniques to anticipate felt earthquakes.