Medical image analysis, artificial intelligence & tech transfer, talk by Sir Michael Brady

Sir Mike Brady, Chairman of Perspectum Diagnostics, will be discussing clinical applications of Artificial Intelligence methods in medical imaging. His talk will be followed by two shorter talks from UPF alumni and Perspectum Diagnostics employees

Title: Medical image analysis, artificial intelligence & tech transfer

Abstract: After a very brief summary of my research career, I discuss several topics in medical image analysis and their transfer to clinical practice, via a number of start-up companies that I have founded. My work has always been driven by clinical applications. It has also been guided by a number of principles: (i) the huge variation in the appearances of medical images, with the need for algorithms in clinical practice to work reliably and robustly implies modelling the physics of image acquisition; (ii) AI, including machine learning, can play a valuable role in encoding and mobilising prior knowledge about medical images; (iii) variation in signal characteristics necessitates the definition of what constitutes an image “feature”; and (iv) since information is intrinsically uncertain, representations need to be developed of probability density functions. My talk illustrates these points with particular reference to breast cancer (mammography) and to liver disease (MRI).


Prof. Brady holds BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in mathematics from the University of Manchester and the Australian National University in Canberra. After 10 years as senior lecturer at the University of Essex, Prof. Brady joined the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT (1980-1985), where he developed fundamental contributions to artificial intelligence, mobile robotics and computer vision. He then became a Professor at the Department of Engineering Science in Oxford, of which he became director, and later joined the Department of Oncology, where he is Professor of Oncological Imaging. Prof. Brady has supervised 115 PhD students, published over 750 articles and filed 26 patents. He holds 9 honorary doctorates and important distinctions, including the IEEE Third Millenium Medal and the Henry Dale Prize from the Royal Institution. He is a member of the Royal Society and the Academie des Sciénces, amongst other prestigious institutions, and was knighted as Sir Brady in 2003. In addition to academic work, he has founded numerous startups, including Perspectum Diagnostics, Volpara Solutions, Mirada Medical Limited, ScreenPoint, Optellum, and Guidance Navigation Holdings, and was director of ISIS Innovation in Oxford from 1993 until 2011.