Here we collect Grant Information for incoming and outgoing Master students. 


Grant Information 


May 11, 2016: Fundació "Catalunya-La Pedrera" Scholarship

The scholarship consists of 5.000 €

Candidates must:

  • have Spanish nationality.
  • register with full-time dedication.
  • have an Excellent Academic CV.

To apply, candidates should send an e-mail to [email protected] including:

  • Full Name and Surnames
  • A statement asking to include your application for the scholarship
  • Telephone number in case we need to contact you

NOTE: Your application will only be valid if you have successfully fulfilled your registration process to the master and have provided all the paperwork that has been asked for in the process.

The results will be notified in July via e-mail to the winning candidate.

For more information please contact the master secretary.


  • The decision on the winners of the scholarships will done by an Evaluation Committee constituted by the Direction of the Master and Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera, as proposed by the direction of the master, and this decision will be final.
  • These scholarships are incompatible with any other scholarship or funding aid of any private or public funding entity, except in the case where Catalunya-La Pedrera may expressly authorise the compatibility.
  • Provision of these scholarships is subject to current tax regulations.

The deadline is July 10th.

More information should be posted here:


February 22, 2016: Fundación Tatiana Pérez de Guzman el Bueno Pre-doctoral Grants

PhD student funding opportunities offered by Fundación Tatiana Pérez de Guzman el Bueno, for Spanish citizens:

The deadline to submit a preliminary (Pre-Proyecto) 6 page pre-project is 29 February 2016.


January 14, 2016: Spanish and Catalan Grants

Information about PhD funding opportunities offered by the Spanish and Catalan governments can be found here: 


January 4, 2016: Grants for post-graduate studies from La Caixa, 2016-2017

La Caixa is offering grants for post-graduate studies in Europe, Spain, North America and Asia to Spanish citizens. Deadines are: 

08/02/2016 Europe, 29/02/2016 Spain, 04/04/2016 America and Asia Pacific

More information: