Back Positive feedback from FilmLight color matching plugin demo at FMX

Positive feedback from FilmLight color matching plugin demo at FMX



FilmLight had a successful showcase at the FMX event last month in Stuttgart, where they introduced their new color grading plugin for Epic’s Unreal Engine. The plugin, which features Truelight Colour Spaces, Base Grade, and the new X Grade from FilmLight, is designed to provide game developers and virtual production engineers with the tools they need for precise, fast, and flexible color grading in real-time environments.

The feedback from FMX participants was overwhelmingly positive, particularly from those involved in virtual production. The plugin captured significant interest because it addresses one of the key challenges in virtual production: the accurate color matching between foreground elements and virtual backgrounds. This challenge has been a persistent issue for creators striving to blend real and virtual elements seamlessly.

Several virtual production studios expressed special interest in FilmLight’s demonstration. They recognized the potential of FilmLight’s technology to enhance their workflow and improve the final visual output of their projects. This interaction not only highlighted the ongoing need for advanced color grading solutions in virtual production but also confirmed FilmLight’s role as a key player in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the intersection of filmmaking and digital technology.




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