Back Metadata at the heart of ARRI Solutions’ NAB demo

Metadata at the heart of ARRI Solutions’ NAB demo



At NAB 2023, ARRI Solutions showcased a technology concept for integrated networked sets, with workflows designed to make studio and virtual production environments more efficient, time-effective, and safe.

The demo featured an ALEXA 35 and a DEH (digital encoded head), mounted on a Hover Dolly and focusing on an LED panel. Metadata from all elements was aggregated via PTP (precision time protocol) and integrated into Unreal Engine via Ethernet, where the devices were tracked and managed. This data can be used to control anything on both the virtual and real set: virtual camera position, zoom and focus, physical lighting intensity or color.

The demo also featured ARRI’s Live Link Metadata Plug-in, which streams lens and relevant camera metadata in real-time to Unreal Engine render nodes. ARRI’s color management workflow for virtual production environments was also integrated. This workflow is based on ARRI’s thorough knowledge of the graphics pipeline and how a camera sensor picks up color onset.

Aimed for both studio technicians as well as creatives, the demonstration highlighted how to make studio environments as cohesive and flexible as possible, ensuring high levels of creativity and communication on set. 




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