Back MAX-R Workshop Organised by UHasselt and CREW

MAX-R Workshop Organised by UHasselt and CREW



Last week, UHasselt and CREW organised a field test and workshop, taking important steps towards integrating the XR tools and pipelines developed in the MAX-R project. The proposed technology for large-area tracking and co-location has been successfully validated and demonstrated in a relevant environment at the CREW premises.

Integrating the proposed tracking solutions in a relevant environment, spanning approximately 250 square metres, encompassing multiple rooms and two floors, showcased the system's ability to maintain alignment between the real environment  and its digital counterpart. In addition, the tracking solution developed in the project was compared against other commercially available solutions.

This lessons learned of the workshop marks the beginning of the next phase of the MAX-R project, as it paves the way for further integration of large-area tracking in XR technologies.




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