Back Exploring the Art of Cinematic Look Development with Chromogen

Exploring the Art of Cinematic Look Development with Chromogen



On the 13th of November, an enlightening event was hosted that delved into the theory behind Chromogen, FilmLight's groundbreaking look development tool. This event served as a unique opportunity to gain insights into the world of cinematic look development from industry experts.

Daniele Siragusano, an esteemed Image Engineer at FilmLight, guided attendees into the intricate world of Chromogen, elucidating the design concepts and inner mechanics of this innovative tool. Following the theoretical exploration, Andy Minuth, FilmLight’s Colourist and Workflow Specialist, brought the theory to life by demonstrating Chromogen live on stage. A cinematic look was built from scratch, showcasing the different stages of the look development process

This event served as a fascinating exploration of Chromogen and the Max-R EC project, offering both theoretical knowledge and practical application, and provided a deeper understanding of the art and science of look development.




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