Back Deliverable on use case scenarios completed

Deliverable on use case scenarios completed



BBC R&D has worked closely with MAX-R partners to lead the definition of use cases and corresponding scenarios to reflect the multiple outputs that the project targets across XR production and delivery pipelines, real-time production and XR experiences.  MAX-R aims to showcase new features and tool capabilities for virtual production, and teleporting live presenters into virtual spaces in production environment use cases. XR site-specific live experiences will also be developed and demonstrated in public, hybrid and virtual events. These will aim to challenge and showcase the full potential of MAX-R through involving production pipeline innovations, as well as audience participants to take part in novel XR experiences.  Massively interactive live events scenarios will combine many aspects of the MAX-R tools, and pipelines to further demonstrate the MAX-R innovations engaging members of the public. The use cases and scenarios have been identified based on real-life XR production scenarios and will be demonstrated as the project progresses. For further information the full documentation will be made available here.

Fig: MAX-R aims to demonstrate 15 scenarios within 4 use cases.




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