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Bridging physical and virtual workflows through metadata



Reliable, accurate metadata is the key to efficiency on location and in post. By providing integrated workflows based on robust metadata, ARRI is helping productions increase efficiency and creativity across their entire pipeline.

We are making big steps towards integrated, all-IP MR production. The primary goal is to build integrations directly into digital content creation and post tools and process metadata in specific workflow steps without any intermediate representations.

Our IP control & metadata protocols CAP and MCP enable the continuous capture of a wide range of on-set metadata, including camera position and orientation, lens metadata, recording resolution, as well as other camera settings. This metadata is timestamped at their respective sources using clocks that are PTP-synchronized to sub-microsecond precision and stored in a secure database.

MAX-R is the perfect environment for integration and validation of these new protocols into extended reality workflows involving virtual production, VFX and postproduction suites such as Nuke. There our metadata is used to faithfully reconstruct the user-controlled camera in the virtual scene. 

The benefits are clear: reduced cost and risk as well as easier operations and faster turnarounds. 





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