Back ARRI opens Solutions Lab in its Munich headquarters

ARRI opens Solutions Lab in its Munich headquarters



In the newly opened ARRI Solutions Lab, ARRI experts work on workflows for virtual film productions and further development of products. The new, state-of-the-art ARRI Solutions Lab is designed and equipped as a small but fully functional film set for virtual productions. Among other things, it consists of a film set illuminated by several ARRI spotlights, an LED wall with recorded moving images, an ALEXA mini LF camera with signature zoom lens and Hi-5 handheld unit, a tracking system and a game engine that networks and controls all components.

The ARRI Solutions Lab now serves as the optimal development environment for ARRI camera systems and lighting fixtures to adapt to the new, complex applications and to develop advanced workflows. The new lab is also predestined for cooperation with ARRI’s MAX-R partners, so that ARRI can continue to offer innovative products and system solutions in this rapidly growing business area in the future. The integration of camera and lighting in virtual film sets is crucial to create images that are perceived as authentic and high-quality.



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