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11/06/2019 Conferència de cloenda del Màster en Lingüística Teòrica i Aplicada

11/06/2019 Conferència de cloenda del Màster en Lingüística Teòrica i Aplicada



Data: dimarts 11 de juny de 2019

Hora: 12:30h

Títol: "Assessing, Developing and Teaching Second Language Speech as a Multifaceted Phenomenon: The Role of Listener and Speaker Individual Differences" a càrrec de Kazuya Saito (Institute of Education, University College London)

Resum: It is widely known that foreign accent is a normal characteristic of second language (L2) learning. Because of this, researchers and practitioners alike agree that helping L2 learners to be more easily understood when they speak is preferable to pushing them to develop nativelike accents. In this talk, I will provide a state-of-the-art overview on research which has developed, assessed, and taught second language speech from the perspective of comprehensibility (i.e., perceived ease of understanding). In particular, I will discuss a recent research paradigm which views successful L2 comprehensibility as a multifaceted phenomenon that is related to the individual variability of both listeners and speakers. To explain “listener variability,” I will deconstruct how comprehensibility judgements are made according to phonological, lexical and grammatical information gleaned from L2 speech, and how assessment behaviour differs according to listeners’ linguistic, experiential and metacognitive profiles (e.g., monolinguals, bilinguals, vs. L2 users). To explain “speaker variability,” I will illustrate how individual speakers differently enhance the comprehensibility of their speech, not only because they engage in different types of learning and instructional experience (learner-external factors), but also because they have different kinds of aptitude, motivation, emotion and personality profiles (learner-internal factors).

En finalitzar l'acte se servirà un petit refrigeri.