Lucy Schanbacher (1st year of the European Master in Government in 2013-14)

Looking back on my first year in the European Master in Government in Barcelona I look back on a great experience, a lot of work but also a life-enhancing, pulsating environment. The international atmosphere of the university enriched political discussions and showed me other perspectives. In the European Master in Government I was able to choose the courses of my interest and gained insides of fields of research I would not have got otherwise. Apart from that, I learned in Barcelona to be highly critical and curious at the same time. The Master further strengthened my will to stay in the world of academia and I will apply for a PhD in the next year. It is motivating that simple, one-dimensional answers do not exist and I started loving the complexity of science during my Master program.


Armando Prado (Research Master in Political Science, 2013-14)

I'm from Mexico and graduated from the Research Master in Political Science at UPF in July of 2014.  My experience at Pompeu Fabra was great. My friends and Professors certainly made sure of that. The Campus is excellent and so is the academic level, I would not hesitate on going back. I strongly recommend Pompeu Fabra to anyone who is interested in coursing any degree, especially the Research Master in Political Science. And if that is not enough for you, Barcelona will do the rest. It is simply one of the best experiences I've had!

I am currently on the campaign team of a candidate that will run for a seat on the Mexican Congress. There is no doubt that the skills and experience provided by the UPF will allow you to achieve whatever you propose.


Becky Tildesley (Research Master in Political Science, 2013-14)

The Research Master in Political Science at the UPF was exciting, challenging and fulfilling. I gained knowledge in interesting topics in a truly international environment, whilst also progressing academically through carrying out my own independent research. The course has a wide range of theoretically and empirically focused modules to choose from, as well methodological courses which I am sure will provide me with a sound practical foundation when applying for PHD's. The courses are not only varied in topic and scope, but also in the methods of assessment used, which made each one unique and also added variation to the general experience.


Nicole Andreou (Research Master in Political Science, 2012-13)

The year at Pompeu Fabra has certainly been one of the most valuable experiences for me so far. Albeit a demanding degree, the amount of knowledge one can gather during the Research Master in Political Science is unmeasurable. It has undoubtedly prepared me to enter the professional world as a political researcher, and given me all the necessary tools to become a competitive candidate for Doctoral programmes.

On top of that, living in Barcelona compensates for all the hard work, as it is, without a question, the most beautiful city one can hope to study in :)

Currently, I am working in a communications firm as a researcher and consultant, and I'm hoping to return to the world of Academia as a PhD student this September.


Anna Haack (1st year of the European Master in Government in 2013-14)

I did my first EMIG-year at the UPF in Barcelona 2013/14. From the beginning, I really appreciated the helpfulness of the lecturers, giving us students the feeling to be welcome and creating a positive working atmosphere. In addition, the campus has a perfect size and offers various workspaces for all students.

I would recommend the master program to students who strive for an academic career and favor quantitative research methods. Both universities cope with high scientific standards which guarantees students the opportunity of improving their knowledge and being well prepared to apply for PhD positions.


Juliana Oyaga (1st year of the European Master in Government in 2013-14)

The European Master in Government was a big challenge for me. First, because being a student from Latin America, I faced a new culture, a foreign language, and a completely new educational system in both countries and in both universities. For me the challenge was worth it.

Firstly because the methodology of the courses helped me gain skills I never thought I would get in so little time. Lose the fear of public speaking, analyze situations from different perspectives that allows me defend my ideas in a coherent way with solid arguments  based in quantitative methods, although sometimes it seem to be difficult that enriches all my investigation projects.

Second, the academic level is very high as well as the quality of teachers, no doubt about it! This allows a wide range of courses to suit specific interests, giving us (the students) the opportunity to research on topics of our choice that enriches our academic curriculum.

Before starting my second year of the master in Germany, all these skills that I got at the UPF, allowed me to work in a research project on illegal mining and environmental problems in one of the most influential newspapers in my country.

Now, I'm in the middle of my second year of the master, attending to my specialization courses in public administration and comparative politics, and writing my thesis on natural resources and institutions.


Begoña Gerling (Research Master in Political Science, 2012-13)

My experience in the UPF's master program was very positive and enriching both at the professional and the personal level. The master program offers a comprehensive training in methodology of social science and research methods, providing you with the tools and skills to engage in independent research and be competitive to any doctoral program. Besides, with students from all over the world, the program has a unique, multicultural setting that encourages diversity of thought and opinions.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the UPF, a stepping stone for my postgraduate studies, where not only did I developed the necessary research and language skills to continue with a PhD program in the United States, but I also lived a memorable year in the beautiful and vibrant city of Barcelona.


Frederic Bleses (2nd year of the European Master in Government in 2012-13)

The first attribute that comes to my mind when thinking about the European Master in Government is "international". Coming from an international background and having enjoyed a semester abroad during my undergrad studies, the amount of exposure to foreign cultures during the programme was still astonishing to me. During group presentations, parties or simply while standing in line at the dining hall or cafeteria at either university, the number of nationalities or even continents you get in touch with will most likely equal the number of people you talk to.

The second would be "contrast". Tranquil Constance and vibrant Barcelona could not differ more. Overlooking the snow-tipped Alps while having lunch at the university or going for a swim in the "Bodensee" greatly contrast with walking under palmtrees through beautiful Ciutadella Park on your way to the Pompeu Fabra campus, where you can feel its proximity to the sea. The same of course counts for the different stiles of teaching between German and Spanish universities.

In regards to these attributes, I can attest the European Master in Government to be "European" through and through: Very international and filled with contrasts. Thus, I can recommend this double degree programme to everyone who seeks to improve their intercultural skills, their understanding of the European Idea and their expertise in Political Science, Public Administration and Research. In addition to obtaining Master's degrees from two of Europe's leading universities of course.


Susanne Haastert (1st year of the European Master in Government in 2012-13)

Studying in the vibrant, fascinating, and beautiful city of Barcelona was a great experience. During my year at the UPF, I profited from interesting courses taught by motivated lecturers, enjoyed the beautiful library, and got to know a lot of interesting people from all over the world. Besides academic education, the UPF has a lot of activities on offer, and participating in sports or music is worth the efforts - you dive into the UPF community very fast! I would definitely recommend the European Master in Government double degree program to interested students. My only advice would be to start the program in Konstanz, where the introductory classes are very encompassing, and do the second year in Barcelona, where you can choose from a range of courses according to your specialization. In addition, coming to the UPF in the second year fits much better with the schedule of the research Master. Enjoy your studies!