For admission, master's degree applicants must submit the following documents:  

  • Official undergraduate degree/diploma (or a bachelor's degree, or, for foreign applicants, the equivalent qualification awarded by an accredited higher education institution) and the applicant's academic transcript with a record of the official training completed at the accredited institution and the average grade. The only applicants that will be considered for admission are those with degrees in the following academic fields of study: Health Sciences, Legal Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • A short letter of motivation stating the applicant's interest in following the master's programme (400 to 600 words).  
  • A photocopy of the accreditation of language levels (level B2.2)
  • Two letters of recommendation (academics)
  • A copy of your Identity Card or Passport.  

For more information check the admissions website