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Departament de Dret
PhD Candidate

Alba Lojo (Vigo, 1990) is a PhD candidate at the Pompeu Fabra University, under the supervision of Prof. Josep Maria Vilajosana and Prof. Lorena Ramirez-Ludeña. She has been teaching and researching there since 2018, obtaining an FPI’s research scholarship (BES-2017-081308) funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Her research focuses on constitutive rules, and she is mainly interested in legal theory and social ontology.

She holds a degree in Law (2013, USC), a MA in Cultura Jurídica: Seguridad, Justicia y Derecho (2016, UdG), and a MA in Analytic Philosophy (2018, UB). She has carried out research stays at the Università degli studi di Genova and at the Università di Bologna. Among her most recent publications are “Los problemas epistemológicos de las reglas genuinas en «Positivismo jurídico 'interno'» de María Cristina Redondo” (Doxa, núm. 45, 2022) and “Una respuesta a la concepción reduccionista de las reglas constitutivas” en J.M. Vilajosana y L. Ramírez Ludeña (eds.), Reglas Constitutivas y Derecho (Marcial Pons, 2022).