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Departament de Dret
PhD Candidate

I hold a BA in Political Science from EAFIT University (Colombia), a Master's in Public Policy from Los Andes University (Colombia), and a Master's in Political Philosophy from Pompeu Fabra University (Spain), where I am currently a PhD candidate in Law under the supervision of professors José Luis Martí and Sebastián Linares.

My PhD thesis delves into deliberative constitutionalism, merging principles from deliberative democracy and constitutional theory to tackle issues like the democratic legitimacy of judicial review. I aim to bridge a significant gap in the literature by exploring how digital technologies and artificial intelligence can enhance deliberative practices within constitutional frameworks.

I have lectured on constitutional theory and Colombian constitutional law at several universities in Colombia and currently serve as a teaching assistant in philosophy of law at UPF. My publications include:

  • “Judges Without Robes. A Republican Approach to Participatory Judicial Review” (single author, Revista Derecho del Estado, 2023). Link:
  • Los adjetivos de la justicia. Escritos en homenaje a Francisco Cortés Rodas (book editor, 2023). Link:
  • “Pandemia y excepción constitucional en perspectiva comparada: un análisis cuantitativo” (single author, Revista de la Academia Colombiana de Jurisprudencia, 2020). Link:
  • “Perspectives of Academic Integrity in Colombia and Latin America” (co-author, Handbook of Academic Integrity, 2016). Link:
  • “Accountability: aproximación conceptual desde la filosofía política y la ciencia política” (co-author, Colombia Internacional, 2014). Link: