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Departament de Dret
PhD Candidate

Melissa is a PhD candidate working in the field of human rights law under the supervision of Prof. Marisa Iglesias Vila (Philosophy of Law) and Prof. Silvia Morgades Gil (International Law). Her work is focused on the issue of sexual assault and how this crime can be tackled on a supranational level, namely within the European Court of Human Rights. 
She is a scholarship holder, granted by the department of law at UPF, and is currently teaching ‘International Protection of Human Rights’, a class offered to 3rd and 4th year law students. 
Her academic background includes an LLB (hons) in Scots Law and Spanish Legal Studies from the University of Glasgow, which she graduated from in summer 2021, and an LLM in European and Global Law from UPF, which she completed in summer 2022.