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PhD Junior Lecturer

Felipe Rey Salamanca holds a bachelor of laws (LLB) from Javeriana U. (Colombia), a master in administrative law (LLM) from Del Rosario U. (Colombia) and a master in legal sciences (LLM) from Pompeu Fabra University. He is a member of the Research Group on Legal and Political Philosophy (UPF) and the Global Constitutionalism and Global Justice Research Project supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

As a PhD student, Felipe works on a systemic approach to political representation, under the supervision of Professor José Luis Martí. Last year, he published his first book (Teoría de la Representación Política en el Derecho Público, U. Javeriana, 2014), on imperative mandate and the mandate-independence debate. His second book is about the legal duty, established in the Colombian Constitution, to fulfill electoral promises (Voto programático y programas de gobierno en Colombia, U. del Rosario, 2015).

In Colombia, he has lectured in political philosophy and public law in Javeriana U., Del Rosario U. and Sergio Arboleda U. Before joining Pompeu Fabra U., Felipe worked as an advisor to the Minister of Interior.

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