Back Chilovi, Samuele


Law Department
University of California Los Angeles
I'm a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Law at Pompeu Fabra University (2019-). I am also a member of the Glasgow Law and Philosophy Network, and of the Madrid Philosophy Network. Before joining Pompeu Fabra, I was a member of LOGOS and research assistant at Glasgow University. I completed my PhD at the University of Barcelona under the supervision of Dan López de Sa and José Juan Moreso.

I specialize in metaphysics and philosophy of law, with a special interest in grounding, modality, and the nature of law. My areas of competence are meta-ethics, philosophy of language, social and political philosophy, with a special focus on (non-)naturalism, legal interpretation and collective intentionality.
Selected Publications
"Grounding-Based Formulations of Legal Positivism", Philosophical Studies (2019) [first online]
"Law-Determination as Grounding: A Common Grounding Framework for Jurisprudence" (with G. Pavlakos), Legal Theory, 25 (1) (2019): 53-76
"Grounding Entails Supervenience", Synthese (2018) [first online]