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Language and Comparative Cognition

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I'm Irene and I studied Physics at the UAB. Then I obtained a Master's degree in Neuroscience (interuniversitary master: UBUPFURV and UdL) in 2013. I joined Juanma's group as a PhD student on January 2014. Previously I was collaborating with GRACEC group, under the supervision of V.D. Chamizo, performing experiments with rodents regarding sex differences in spatial navigation tasks.
In my PhD my main goal is to understand language acquisition in humans but taken from a comparative point of view. I will perform behavioral studies both in rats and human adults.
I wish to understand how we acquire language using a multidisciplinary view (i.e. linguistics, evolutionary biology and neuroscience among others) in order to be able to really get to the point. 
I have many interests going from physics to biology or education. I think that the knowledge we can obtain from other disciplines can be helpful to find solutions in our current research.   
Regarding my spare time, I like to spend it out with my friends doing whatever activity is available. I also like to spend time with my dog. And less, but not least, I love humor.
I end with a quote from my favorite physicist Richard P. Feynman: 

"I think nature's imagination is so much greater than man's, she's never going to let us relax”