The Department of Humanities is the basic body responsible for organizing, coordinating and developing teaching and research in the areas of knowledge pertaining to it, which are:

Regional Geographic Analysis, Aesthetics and Art Theory, Hebrew and Aramaic Studies, Catalan Studies, Greek Studies, Romance Philology, Philosophy of Law, Ancient History, History of Science, Modern History, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment, Social Psychology, Social Anthropology, Arab and Islamic Studies, German Studies, Slavic Studies, Italian Philology, Galician and Portuguese Philology, Moral Philosophy, Contemporary History, Història de l'ArtHistory of Art, Economic History and Institutions, Spanish Language, Prehistory, Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, Archaeology, East Asian Studies, English Studies, French Studies, Latin Philology, Philosophy, Human Geography, History of America, Medieval History, Spanish Literature, Music and Basic Psychology.

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