Prospera Biotech SL is a privately held company specialized in developing novel approaches for improving functionality, maintenance and regeneration of damaged tissue. Prospera implements its breakthrough biomedical technology in developing novel approaches to combat fibrosis, inflammation and to improve tissue loss and degeneration. We direct our effort to three major areas: first, development of new anti-fibrotic agents to reduce fibrosis in chronic conditions such as muscle dystrophies and after acute injuries such as sport lesions; second, to provide customized scientific assays upon request in the fields of regeneration, fibrosis, inflammation, atrophy, cachexia and aging effects in muscle and skin tissues; and third, to develop nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, sports medicine and dermatological applications.

Prospera Biotech was born as a natural consequence of the extensive know-how accumulated by the scientific core of the Cell Biology Group (UPF), with the implementation of translational applications to medical needs and the straightforward application of this knowledge to biomedical R&D services after the incorporation of members with proven expertise in the identification of cellular regulatory pathways in the fields of cosmeceutic, nutraceutic and dermatological applications as well as in business management.

The Company’s mission is to explore and develop new, optimized tissue homeostasis regulators, with a first focus on regenerative medicine, based on the last innovative, high-throughput and combinatorial biochemistry technologies.

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