The Studies Center on Science, Communication and Society (SCS-UPF), lead by Gema Revuelta,  is a special university centre that aims at bringing closer together society and science. This means that, on one hand, it will foster the scientific knowledge and culture and, on the other hand, it will work for the better alignment between R+D+i –in all its stages– and society’s needs and values.

To reach its objectives, SCS-UPF undertakes three kinds of actions:

  • Actions of scientific communication and citizen participation. Planning and organization of scientific communication activities, outreach and public engagement, especially in the areas of health and biomedicine. Scientific dissemination, institutional communication, crisis communication and science museology. The development of projects of its own, as well as national and international ones. Assessing research staff, projects and entities related to the R+D+i sector.
  • Analysis. The study of science and society relationships, social perception of science and the communication role in all its shapes. Evaluation, impact assessment. Indicator selection. Writing and dissemination of recommendations.
  • Formation. Elaboration and development of specialized formative programmes in the field of science communication, in collaboration with educational structures from university, or with other universities and entities. The Masters programme on Science, Medical and Environmental Communication UPF-IDEC, which celebrates in 2015 its 20th edition, is the best example to represent such collaboration.

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